Ceremony [I], 23rd June, London

Marilyn Arsem, Devika Bilimoria, Helena Goldwater & Sandra Johnston

Future Ritual presents Ceremony [I], a day of durational performances in a pair of dilapadated Victorian houses in South East London. Slow actions by artists Marilyn Arsem, Sandra Johnston, Helena Goldwater and Devika Bilimoria will unfold in long form performances evocative of memory, decay, and endurance. 

Supported by Arts Council England.

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Sandra Johnston, FIX23. Photo by David Copeland.

Considering Time, Marilyn Arsem 17-21st June, London

In this instensive artist dvelopment workshop led by Marilyn Arsem, we will explore the impact of time and duration on performance - body, space, material - and consider the ethics of witnessing, of asking an audience to spend their time with us. We will consider time, not just in the context of creating performances but in our everyday lives as well.  We cannot separate our performance art from our daily life.  Our lives continue to proceed even as our performances unfold through time.

Supported by Arts Council England.

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Seven Disappearances, Durational performance by Marilyn Arsem. TIME SPACE BODY OBJECT – Part 4, Isles Art Initiative, Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor, MA, USA. August 1, 2015. Photo by Nabil Vega.

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