FUTURERITUAL is a research and performance project considering the use, place and function of ritual in contemporary performance cultures, and the relationship of these cultures and practices to ideas of queer futurity.

The project is a lab for performative research by lead artist Joseph Morgan Schofield and other invited artists.

Image: til they are caught in the trap, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Kunstraum  2020.
Photo by Jemima Yong.

FUTURERITUAL positions ritual as a technology of speculative transformation, and the performance of ritual is understood as a method for divination and augury - as a way of mapping, visioning, fabulating or otherwise embodying potential queer futurities. Queerness is understood as involving and in solidarity with gender complexity, sexual deviance, decolonisation, and ecological justice. A future ritual might function by manifesting or gesturing towards or otherwise calling forth these alternate states, these other ways of being.

Through public performance events, commissioning, screenings, workshops and writing, FUTURERITUAL aims to provide an active context for the presentation and development of performance art in the UK.

The project mutates between iterations - existing as a touring platform, a small festival, a curatorial season. This strategy is intended to resist the cultural imperative for artist-led initiatives to become institutions or organisations.

Partners to date have included: Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), Kunstraum, Live Art Development Agency, Chisenhale Dance Space, ]performance s p a c e[, Arnolfini, Hackney Showroom, Centre for Live Art Yorkshire, VFD and SPACE.

FUTURERITUAL is conscious of the ways in which some performance art practices participate, or have participated, in colonial processes and acts of cultural appropriation and vandalism. It has often seemed easy, convenient or acceptable for artists (typically white artists) to fetishise, romanticise and universalise the specific cultural practices or traditions of indigenous people and people of colour. These processes uphold white supremacy.

In the first instance, FUTURERITUAL seeks to amplify the voices of those whose work emerges in spite of conditions of racism and transphobia, and whose practices resist, oppose, and plot an escape from the capitalist colonial cis-tem.

When collaborating with white artists, and cis-artists, FUTURERITUAL collaborates with those who work ethically around these issues, and who engage with their desires and histories critically.


FUTURERITUAL can be reached by emailing lead artist Joseph Morgan Schofield. You can also join our mailing list to be kept up to date with future events and opportunities.


Image: Somewhere Between Memory and Memorial, Sandra Stanionyte , Kunstraum  2020.
Photo by Jemima Yong.